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AS Andmevara has over 20 years experience in the field of customer support. During this period we have worked with many clients in both the private and public sectors. We currently provide user helpdesk services for a variety of information systems to almost 200 users in Estonia.

For the best possible service and prompt solutions we have developed customer management and problem management software. The system ensures that your problems are always managed quickly and efficiently by professionals in your field. In order to find solutions to even the most complex problems, our user support complies with best practice in IT service management.

We offer broad-ranging user support for all business directions offered by the company. Since 2011 our user support services have been recognised with the quality management system 9001: 2015 certificate.

At the moment we offer user support to following systems:

  • KOVTP – suitable web page solution to public and private sector

  • KOVMEN - fast and comfortable way to provide e-services

  • DELTA - web-based document management application

  • RPIS - spatial planning information system

  • VOLIS – the local council / government information system

  • Land after-payments information system

  • MISP - using X-road services

  • Hosting of X-Road security server version 6


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Additional Information:

Aire Leht

Aire Leht
Service Manager
Phone: +372 671 5112
E-mail: aire.leht{at}