KOVMEN extension for KOVTP ensures a process-based approach to activities, at the same time interacting with other information systems, applicants for services and organisations.

The system of digital procedures fills a service application with the required data, and once the application has been submitted officials are able to:

  • advise the applicant;
  • consult with their colleagues;
  • coordinate the application and associated documents with other co-executors.


The functionalities of KOVMEN allow the following:

  • Involving all parties in the on-going procedure for the services provided by the local government.
  • Applying a fully digital proceeding process within the institution:
    • it standardises the application form and converts the information fields into data;
    • the course of the procedure is visible to all parties;
    • the dialogue associated with the service ensures the statutory explanation requirement;
    • external co-executors communicate via KOVMEN extension during the procedure.

This information system allows you to create e.g. the following digital procedures for a local government for services provided by rural municipalities:

  • applying for public transport travel fare concessions;
  • assigning hobby school allowances;
  • applying for home childcare allowances;
  • and much more.


Ask for additional information from abi@andmevara.ee