VOLIS - Information system for municipal councils/governments


The information system for municipal councils/governments, which is becoming more popular all over the world every day, facilitates the management of public business, making it more open and involving members of the public in the decision-making process.

The service enables the following:

  • conducting meetings and sessions of the council or government etc., automatic recording of minutes and arranging of voting;
  • recording events taking place at a session on video and making this available to the public afterwards;
  • virtual participation in sessions;
  • submitting proposals or sending proposals submitted by residents for public voting.
  • conducting polls about joining local governments


On the international scale, VOLIS is currently used in Sweden and we are hoping to launch it in the Netherlands soon. See kov.riik.ee/volis/ and the link to the VOLIS website www.volis.ee for more detailed information. You can also contact AS Andmevara customer services by e-mailing abi@andmevara.ee or calling 671 5188.