Software Development


As a long-time service provider, we are focused on creating information systems, and lately more and more also on the cross-usage of data contained in them, and on developing information retrieval queries. AS Andmevara guarantees a reliable information system, leaving you to focus on what you specialize in.

The most well-known and complicated original software applications created by us are the information systems of the Population Register, border control, and employment services. From web applications, we have developed an information space for the Apostille register, system for the presidency of Estonia in the European Union, Tallinn city disability transport information system and e-notary further development . The Apostille Register created for the Notary Chamber is designed to simplify, speed up and improve the services of obtaining Apostille. The created system allows the citizen to electronically submit to the notary office an application for apostille and pay for the service. In the case of the system for delegates (Presidency Gateway) developed for the State Chancellery, this is the central information system of the Estonian EU Presidency. More information about this system you can find in the following video:

In addition to developing large information systems we have participated in implementing e-services enabling the data of the Population Register, judicial register, commercial register, health insurance fund, social security, border control information system, employment services information system and other information systems to be used for providing services to people, and provide the activities of institutions and business enterprises with actual data contained in the registers.


The results of our development work are also used by the Citizen Portal, e-elections, and other information systems based on the data of the Population Register.

Our software development team is characterized by their good knowledge of the requirements of the public sector, and dynamic application of the customer's needs in the solutions being developed.

Our long-time customers are:

  • Chamber of Notaries;
  • Chancellery of the Riigikogu, State Electoral Office;
  • Ministry of Finance;
  • Ministry of Internal Affairs, including SMIT;
  • Ministry of Justice, including Centre of Registers and Information Systems;
  • Tallinn City Office.


Additional Information:

Triin Sepp
Head of Software Development
Phone: +372 671 5143
E-mail: triin.sepp{at}