Customers are speaking

Head of Ministry of the Interior Population Facts Department Enel Pungas "Andmevara professionally provided us maintenance and developing services for the population register and as the customer, we could be sure that Andmevara employees knew what they were doing and were always ready to explain why they do something, and if necessary then also negotiate for improving the result"


The head of the geology department of the Land Department Reet Roosalu "Andmevara have been our partner in procurement, the aim of which was to provide digitisation services for construction geology archive of the Land Department. The procurement schedule was tight and volume of necessary works was major. However, regardless of this, the work was organized professionally and the quality of performed works, as the one would expect, was at a high level. We could recommend Andmevara as a partner for other organizations. "


The director of the Digital Archive at the National Archives Lauri Leht: " The results of the digitization by Andmevara were at a very good level, although the materials of the National Archives is older arhival special sized loose-leaf records and can not be automated. We recommend Andmevara as a partner."

All of our largest and most important projects until today can be described with short word MILLION. Below we give you a couple of examples ...

Pilt 214 200 000 webpage views and 16 700 000 MB of transferred data in KOVTP environment in year 2016.  
1 537 726 votes were counted in three recent elections and issued as soon as possible in LIVE to view and discuss through the Election Information System VIS, whose developer we have been and at the present still are. Pilt
Pilt 16 500 000 copies of a various paper materials have been transformed into the digital format by our specialists. We have helped to bring into the digital form a variety of documents. If we talk about the major projects, we have digitized the most of the documents of the family facts documents of Estonia, all the testamentary from the inheritance register, the materials of the Maritime Museum, the Military, The National Heritage Board, the Land Board and the National Archive. Many of the materials that have been entrusted to us to digitize were the ones what needed special requirements of security and confidentiality at the highest level. Digitization solution is also our first export, we had projects in Moldova and Iraq.
403 458 084 million X-tee inquiries were served by Andmevara in a period from 2002 to 2015 when we were the authorized processor of the main Estonia´s register, The Population register. As an authorized processor of the register, our task was to provide comprehensive customer support for the officials and individual and for public and private enterprises. We also fully assisted the issuance of data through the provision of information services. We did all development Works and ensured that register was working without problems 99.9% of time. Pilt
Pilt Every year for 10 years for the residents of Tallinn with our help were paid benefits in the amount of more than 10 million euros, while we were IT partner of the Tallinn City Government on the part of the information system for the benefits management.
Register OMRE, the basis for the return of property compensation for justified subjects, with value in 100 millions kroons and euros, was also in our company since 1999. Currently, the offering of this service is completed and all data has been correctly transferred to the archive. Pilt