In the last ten years we have become the market leaders in the field of digitising paper documents. This is because our digitisation service greatly simplifies the management and use of archives and helps protect original documents against destruction. To ensure the success of a project, our experienced specialists offer consultation on drafting applications and projects, where necessary.

We carry out our work according to the client's wishes: either on site, or the documents can be sent to us, where we keep and process them in a special high-security room. You can also hire the necessary equipment and software along with our skills and experience. If desired, we can offer hosting services for digital documents in the secure AS Andmevara hosting environment or in information systems we have created.

The digitising process is divided into the following phases:

  • scanning of documents;
  • image processing (to improve legibility);
  • text recognition (so that documents can later be found both quickly and easily);
  • concealing information in documents (personal data and other confidential information, according to the client's wishes); and
  • entering metadata.

We digitise:

  • unbound documents;
  • documents that cannot be unbound;
  • books;
  • maps;
  • and more.

Our biggest clients in the field of digitizing paper documents include:

  • the Ministry of the Interior – the digitising of 4.3 million marital status records and metadata;
  • the National Audit Office – the digitising of archives and their interfacing with the existing document management system;
  • Harku Municipal Government – the digitising of legal acts and their publication on the website;
  • Rakvere City Government – the digitising of archives and entering the necessary metadata;
  • Geology Centre of Estonia – creating a unique digitising solution to enable the archive to be rendered in digital format;
  • the National Archives – the digitising of archive materials (total: 1.8 million pages);
  • the Succession Register – the digitising of wills with the addition of metadata (total: 220,000 frames);
  • the National Heritage Board – the digitising of records of historical value;
  • the Defence Resources Agency – the digitising of archives (total: 1.8 million frames);
  • the Defence Forces HQ – the digitising of archives (total: 1 million frames);
  • the Moldovan e-Government – the digitising of the Moldovan population register (total: 4.5 million pages); and
  • many other organisations.


Additional Information:

Phone: +372 671 5188
E-mail: abi{at}andmevara.ee