You are welcome to apply to the company, where employees are appreciated as greatest asset.

At AS Andmevara works approximately 30 their specialty professionals and our staff policy anchors are:

  • inclusion;
  • movement of information;
  • effective leading style;
  • caring;
  • continuous development and training;
  • inside favouring.

In addition to interesting and challenging work, we offer different kind of benefits. In addition to 28 days regular vacation You can enjoy 7-day additional vacation, sport, participate regularly in the common events, participate in development trainings, represent company in different kind of commonwealths, etc and thereby develop ourselves.

That list is a small part of that, what we offer to our employees. Come and apply to AS Andmevara, get elected and be one of us! Information on job offers by AS Andmevara can be found at or ask for additional information from e-mail address cv{at}

Also check out our working environment via the following video:

Employees have given their opinion about working at AS Andmevara

According to an anecdote:

The new employee asks senior colleagues: "How long have you been working here?"
A colleague answers: "Since the time when the boss threatened that otherwise I will be fired."
Actually, when I started to feel that how long more, the company name was changed or company leader was changed (over 10 times) or even government policy (1 time). New interesting activities came, vision and mission were supplemented and very soon something interesting is happening again. And there are always cool colleagues. One day I counted - I have had over 700 colleagues. :-)

Juhan Laas

Juhan Laas
Administrative and Security Manager, working in AS Andmevara (and his forerunners) since year 1970. 


I like to work at Andmevara. There's just the right amount of people working here and it's a pleasure to work with good, hard-working and clever colleagues. If we have a question, we can always find the answer together. The office is enjoyable, events are spunky and their frequency is sufficient. I highly reccommend. :-)

Aire Leht

Aire Leht
Head of Customer Support and Services, working in AS Andmevara since year 2011


I first applied for tester position, but at that moment I wasn't selected. Later I was informed about other available job in customer service department. I applied to that position and now I work as a product manager. Before I came to Andmevara I worked for years in customer service field. Today, when I offer customer support, I can use my previous experiences. In addition, I can use my speciality knowledge what I learned in university. The work is interesting, challenging and motivating. There are many events, the office is cool and colleagues are helpful.

Madis Tänava

Madis Tänava
Product Manager, working in AS Andmevara since year 2012.


As an employer, we value social activity and belong to several organizations: